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'Id est' (ie) means 'in other words' and captures the essence of translation and editing work. 'Id est' was used frequently in Erasmus' writings as he translated Greek into Latin, for example, and Elise Reynolds of Id Est continues this age-old tradition by offering you English words for your Dutch ones.

Article by Elise Reynolds, considering the process of translation and the use of translation tools, in Dutch: Vertalers ABC'tje (2014)

Interviewed in Tekstblad, about 'writing together' (Dutch article, 2007).

Id Est is my translation and editing services company. I am a fully bilingual and professionally trained Dutch-English translator and editor. I have been working in the translation business since 1995. Thanks to the diverse nature of translation work, I have enjoyed translating a very wide range of topics, from the words of the Dalai Lama and the poetry of Huygens, to books on project management for PhDs, childbirth and a butcher's shop, as well as art reviews, business websites, sustainability reports and company scans. My editing work has been mainly for universities, concerning theses on topics such as biomedical research, television entertainment, mathematical models, and language analysis of Dutch 17th-century translators of New Philosophy. Click here for examples of my translations.

I grew up in America, the Netherlands and the UK, speaking both Dutch and English. My bilingual upbringing and tricultural background ensure a good understanding of the Dutch text as well as a natural and clear English translation, suited for a wide international market. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, keeping my English language up to date with regular visits to the UK. I am a member of the ITI Dutch Network, the ITI London Regional Group and Sense.

Id Est does not not handle legal documents but can refer you to a qualified legal translator.

Below is a brief, informal CV for Elise Reynolds (For a more comprehensive, formal CV, contact Id Est)

  • 1995-now, freelance translation and editing work. Clients include: SOMO research centre, Xavier Hufkens Gallery, Hannibal Books, Design Academy Eindhoven, studio mfd, International Feature Agency, PharmaAccess and Het Concertgebouw.
  • Combining her artistic side with her language skills, she worked as an art site reviewer for an Internet gallery database for a year before the dotcom bubble burst (2000).
  • An artist herself, she has her own art site.
  • Bachelor of Arts at the AKI Art Academy in Enschede, 1998.
  • Now retired to spectator status, she used to play cricket as much as she decently could and played for the Dutch national team in two World Cups. (Do you need any cricket match reports translated?)
  • In a former incarnation, she worked in the restaurant and catering world in New York and Amsterdam.
  • Briefly studied biology at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Excellent high school education in Amsterdam (Vossius Gymnasium): five foreign languages including Greek and Latin.
  • Three years of English public school (Alice Ottley School) in Worcestershire, UK.