"One hell of a translation. Excellent, I must say" UK flag NL flag


Andria Lazis-Valentini of Articles International, Canada, when she heard one of the articles she had purchased was a translation (by Elise Reynolds): "It's one hell of a translation. Excellent, I must say."

International Feature Agency: "She is fast and reliable, essential to our business. We like the way she retains the original writer's style in her translation. Her translations read very well, we have sold them to satisfied clients all over the world."

Ben Bregman, of Hofwijck, the Huygens Museum:"We are very pleased with the quality and speed of the translations of the texts Hofwijck has commissioned. She does a particularly good job with the translation of Constantijn Huygens' poetry fragments."

Peter Quite owner of Italned: "Italned – as the name shows – is specialised in translations between Dutch and Italian. My customers also frequently require translations into other languages. I want to work with translators whom I can rely on to deliver the goods and who can work independently. Elise Reynolds is one of those people. Her translations are well written, they do not read as translations but as original English texts. Reynolds is one talented translator!"

Her translations have been published in the following publications:

Flow Magazine (International)
The Intelligent Optimist
The List (Scotland)
Sunday Herald (Scotland)
Cosmopolitan (UK)
Hello Magazine (UK)
The Post (Canada)
Rush Magazine (NL)
Crossbeat (Japan)
Clarin (Argentina)